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It’s almost springtime here at Upper Ivy apartments in Culver City. With springtime comes two things: Flowers and spring cleaning! We’ve gathered some spring cleaning apartment organization hacks to assist you this year.

Although flowers might be more fun than cleaning up your apartment, your annual deep clean can benefit you in a lot of ways. From keeping your life away from additional stress to making your everyday routine much easier, cleaning up is super important. If you made strong resolutions this year to work on in your personal life, keeping your luxury apartment for rent near Los Angeles will help you achieve these goals.

Here are key items to add to your home to keep your space tidy and functional.

1. Stackable Transparent Containers

luxury apartments for rent in culver city | Upper Ivy Are your cabinets and pantry a bit jumbled after settling into your luxury apartment at Upper Ivy? No worries, we’ve all gotten there. Head to your local essential store, or even the Container Store at the Westfield Century City, to fix this issue. Grab some containers that stack on top of each other. Make sure they’re transparent to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Although our modern kitchens have spacious cabinets and storage space, you’ll still want to make the most out of the space you have and keep the space tidy. Make sure you measure your cabinets and shelves before you leave in order to get the containers that fit the best in your kitchen cabinets.

2. Kitchen Utensil Holder

culver city apartments for rent | Upper Ivy Your drawers are bound to get messy and disorganized if they are too full. This can make it hard to find what you’re looking for while in a hurry to cook, or even prevent the drawer from closing altogether. Adding a kitchen utensil holder to your quartz countertops is an easy fix to take some of the clutter out of your drawers. Try out one of our spring cleaning apartment organization hacks and see just how easy your time in the kitchen gets.

3. Over The Door Hamper

If you’re wanting to maximize your space in your Culver city apartment, you might want to think about what you can add to the higher spaces in your apartment. Floor space gets taken up quickly as a lot of storage furniture is meant to be on the ground. While you might be used to having your laundry hamper in the corner of your bathroom or room, this might make the room look crowded.

Try grabbing an over-the-door hamper for your clothes to keep your spaces more empty. This hamper will fit perfectly on the backside of your door and remain out of sight 99% of the time you’re in your apartment. When it’s time to do laundry, simply slide the bag off the side of the door. Once it’s empty again, slip it back onto the door, and don’t worry about it until the next laundry day comes along.

4. Stand-Alone Spice Rack

best apartments in culver city | Upper IvyOne of the most popular apartment hacks for keeping your kitchen clean is adding some new organization for your spices. In order to tidy up your messy spice drawer or shelf, add a stand-alone spice rack to add to your cabinet or kitchen countertop.

In order to make sure that your spices fit perfectly in this organizer, switch your spices into matching glass jars. many of these spice racks even come as a package deal with the glass jars. Worried about remembering which spice is which? Add some small labels to each jar with the name of the spice. Tada! No more messy spices.

5. Clear Cosmetic Storage Box

luxury apartments for rent in culver city | Upper Ivy Just like our spring cleaning apartment organization hacks for your kitchen involved clear storage boxes, so should your bathroom. If your luxury bathroom had a crowded countertop full of mismatched organizers for your makeup or skincare products, you might want to try this hack.

Ordering a transparent stackable cosmetic box will clean up your counter in no time. An additional pro of this storage box is not fumbling to find your products when you’re in a rush.

These storage containers come in a variety of sizes and forms. Take an inventory of all of the products you have to organize. Then decide which storage box to go with. This organization hack is affordable and is an easy fix to your clutter problem.

6. Foldable Drawer Dividers

If your clothing drawers with smaller articles of clothing are getting cluttered, there’s an easy fix. Foldable drawer dividers are sold in a number of sizes to help you organize everything. They fit nicely in your drawers and make it easy to find things. While you’re going through your drawers to organize, do some cleaning out! You might find that you have a good amount of clothing hiding at the bottom of your drawers. If you no longer need them, go ahead and donate them at your local secondhand facility.


We hope this gave you a few good tips and spring cleaning apartment organization hacks. Happy spring cleaning in your luxury apartment in Culver City.