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Welcome to the new season of spring! As we enter warmer temperatures and enjoy brighter skies, it’s the perfect time for you to start thinking about refreshing your home decor and living space. Spring is the ideal opportunity to play with fun colors, patterns, textures and lighting arrangements while adding a new look and feel of seasonal energy to your luxury apartments at Upper Ivy. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating and entertaining at home. We have compiled some great home decor ideas for early spring that will add the perfect ambiance to make any room warm and inviting. From simple styling touches to bold color palettes, these decorating tips will help you transform your space into an updated oasis just in time for springtime! Get ready to infuse some life into your home with these unique ideas that will bring out spring vibes in your apartment!

Spring Home Decor Ideas

Chasing away winter blues while ushering in the start of spring can easily be done with some fresh home décor ideas. With its gorgeous architecture and lush landscaping, Upper Ivy Luxury apartments offer the perfect backdrop for a seasonal switch-up.

  • Switch Out Your Throw Pillows & Blankets – Start by swapping out heavy throws for bright pillows and blankets. Think floral designed throws with a green, pink or yellow color palette! Spring is a time of flourishing and renewal, and nothing captures the essence of this season better than floral themed decor.
  • Colorful Glassware – like either statement pieces or an eclectic collection – would bring an elevated touch
  • Fresh Blooms – Bouquets of fresh cut tulips on dining tables in your floral accents bring a bright, lively feeling into any room. They also have the added benefit of being effortlessly coordinating. When placed strategically around the home in various areas, floral patterns can create a unified look among seemingly disparate color schemes or styles. So whether it’s delicate rose embroidery or cheerful sunflowers adorning your windowsills, there’s no doubt that adding some floral flair to your space will freshen up your apartment. It will sure give you that warm, happy feeling inspired by the start of spring bloom! So head over to the Culver City Farmers Market and pick out some beautiful flowers!
  • Fruit Themed Decor – A unique way to decorate is also incorporating fruit themed décor; pineapples make a chic decorative accent!
  • Rattan Pieces – Invest in rattan pieces like modern chairs or ottomans for your balcony.

Spring into action with these home decor ideas this season at Upper Ivy Luxury apartments!

Prepare Your Home For Spring

Spring cleaning is an essential way to refresh and rejuvenate your home. At Upper Ivy Luxury Apartments, we offer convenient floor plans for even the most meticulous spring cleaner.

  • Declutter –  Streamline your fridge and closet by decluttering these areas. Get rid of items you no longer use or expired food.
  • Refresh Workspace – As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, it’s natural to want to spruce up your home workspace for spring. A fresh start can help ignite creativity, boost motivation, and bring some new energy into your daily routine. To do this, consider adding plants to your space – they add a pop of color and a touch of nature. Consider investing in some accessories like brightly colored binders or desk organizers to keep your work station tidy and organized.
  • Ambiance With Spring Scents – Set the mood by introducing fresh aromas into your home like fragrant candles or incense.  You’ll be breathing in springtime bliss right away!

With our luxurious apartments full of storage space and large rooms, you can enjoy a stress-free spring clean this season.

Upper Ivy Luxury Apartments provides all the amenities of home in a comfortable and stylish environment. From spacious rooms to modern appliances and designer furniture, these apartments have everything you need for a wonderful springtime experience. Upper Ivy is the perfect place to feel like a spring get away without having to leave home.