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It’s that time of day when a caffeine pick-me-up is needed. Thankfully, there are endless coffee shops located on every block in Los Angeles and we’ve spotted the best ones by you! Here is a guide to the best go-to coffee shops near Upper Ivy Luxury Apartments.

Go-To Coffee Shops Near Upper Ivy

  • Equators Coffee – This hip local coffee house is just a short walking distance from your Upper Ivy apartments! Grab a cup of coffee before work to jump-start your day. Can’t get enough? Equator Coffee beans are available to purchase online. Take advantage of their 30 percent discount on first-order subscriptions!
  • Philz Coffee – Located at The Steps in downtown Culver City, check out Philz Coffee! This laid-back coffee spot offers custom-blended coffee, teas, specialty drinks, and pastries. Our personal favorite is the Iced Mint Mojito Coffee, perfect for the Summer!
  • goodboybob coffee roasters – Located in Citizen Public Market, this hidden gem has one of the best coffee menus in town! Their freshly roasted coffee and professor oats will surely brighten your Monday morning!
  • Blue Bottle Coffee – This trendy and upscale coffee chain is an LA staple. With a delicious menu of fresh coffee drinks and pastries, Blue Bottle has become our favorite go-to spot. Their unmatched avocado toast and matcha latte is a must-try!
  • MillCross Coffee Bar & Kitchen – Located in the heart of Culver City, MillCross is the perfect coffee and brunch spot near Upper Ivy. This specialty coffee house offers exceptional coffee flavors and a brunch experience! We recommend trying their maple pecan latte with their MC burrito.
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Blue Bottle Coffee – The Platform

After exploring our go-to coffee shops, head back over to your apartments at Upper Ivy and start brewing your own coffee in your modern designed kitchen! Here are some recommended coffee beans and coffee makers for 2022: Coffee Maker & Coffee Beans

Winding Down at Upper Ivy

We all need time for ourselves to relax and self-reflect. Upper Ivy is your perfect place to have your daily me-time! Here are ideas on how to wind down at Upper Ivy.

  • Balcony with a View – Brew your favorite hazelnut coffee and step into your private balcony. Enjoy sipping on your freshly brewed coffee on a Sunday morning overlooking the stunning views of Culver City in the comfort of your home. This is the perfect time to write down your intentions and plans for the day!
  • Spacious Living – Create a morning routine that works best for you! Start your day bright and early, make your bed, put yourself together, and brew your morning coffee. Make time for yourself before heading out to work, so you don’t feel rushed. Watch the morning news with your coffee in hand or do a 15-minute morning stretch in your spacious living areas. With the perfect natural lighting and an easy homey feel, Upper Ivy is the perfect space for your zen morning! Recommended yoga accessories: Alo Yoga Warrior Mat, & Bala Bangles
  • Luxury Bathroom – After a busy day of running errands or working, unwind in your modern design bathroom. With luxury tile tub surround and flooring, Upper Ivy bathrooms are the perfect space to recreate your own spa! Have a hot bath, light candles, pour a glass of wine, and stream your favorite tv show. Recommended tv shows: The Dropout & Bridgerton.
  • Cozy Bedroom – At the end of the day, be proud of accomplishing your daily tasks! Dim your bedroom lights and jump onto your comfy bed. Kickback reading a good book and try to stay away from your electronics! Exposure to bright light can disrupt your quality of sleep. Recommended books for 2022: It Ends With Us, One Italian Summer, & Less Than Zero

ivy station culver city

Coffee at Upper Ivy

Whether you make your own coffee or get your coffee-to-go, Upper Ivy has unmatched amenities you can enjoy your coffee with friends and family! Hang out in our courtyard, soaking in the fresh air, or in the Cabana by the fireplace. Opportunities to talk and mingle with your community are endless at Upper Ivy Luxury Apartments.

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Courtyard with Fireplace