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Hey planter lovers! If you’ve ever dreamed about having your own garden one day or love nature, continue reading for tips and ideas to start your balcony garden. Having your own personal garden comes with many perks. Believe it or not, it’s highly beneficial for your mental and physical health, as well as the environment. As a bonus, growing your own food can help you save money too. Spring is the prime time to start your gardening journey and Upper Ivy is the perfect place to start! Here is the ultimate guide to balcony garden ideas for plant lovers.

Benefits of Gardening

Gardening calls for a better life.

Mental Health – Working productively in the garden helps to increase serotonin levels in the brain, causing you to be happier throughout the day. It improves your mood overall because it is a natural stress reliever. Additionally, seeing and being around plants helps people feel more calm and relaxed, decreasing levels of anxiety. Interacting with nature allows you to grow greater joy and has a positive effect on our emotions and behaviors. In general, the color green represents health and new beginnings, making us feel more optimistic in life.

Physical Health – Gardening promotes physical activity and the exposure to nature and sunlight allows us to take in Vitamin D. Many adults in the US are Vitamin D deficient and don’t even realize it! Pulling weeds, reaching, and digging for plants will work new muscles in your body and help with strength, flexibility, and burning calories. You will also be consuming fruits & vegetables without exposure to pesticides and GMOs.

Environment – Gardening is environmentally beneficial because it improves the air and soil quality. Plants act as effective air cleaners as they absorb carbon dioxide, plus other air pollutants while releasing clean oxygen and pure fragrance. Adding extra plants and greens will always be beneficial for the Earth!

Saves Money – This takes time and needs to be done correctly to see significant savings in grocery bills. However, it is absolutely possible to achieve! By spending a few dollars on seeds and plants, you’ll produce vegetables that will yield pounds of produce within months.

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Mental Health Benefits – Gardening

Start your gardening journey on your balcony at Upper Ivy today! With all the benefits of gardening, we encourage investing in gardening tools and supplies for long-term gain.

Balcony Garden Ideas for Plant Lovers

  • Vertical Ladder Planter – These can be purchased at your local nursery or can even be a great DIY activity! This type of planter is perfect for your balcony garden because it requires less space, better sun exposure for plants, and is easy to maintain. Here are links to top-rated products: Bed, Bath & Beyond & Amazon.
  • Railing Box Planter – Railing planters are the ideal choice when gardening in limited, outdoor living spaces. This type of planter also requires low maintenance, makes watering plants easy, and protects your plant from rotting. Links to best railing planter products: West Elm & Etsy.
  • Gardening Pots – Pots are also ideal for small spaces and are affordable. Additionally, they are very practical, easily movable, and protective. Highly recommended pots for planting are made with natural materials like terra cotta or stone. These materials are water-permeable offering better drainage. Good drainage means less chance of plants becoming rotten. Links to pot products: Pottery Barn & CB2
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Railing Planter

Decorating your Balcony Garden

Your personal garden is your sanctuary and treasured space. Liven it up with some decorations! It’s important to furnish the area you have with items you’ll actually want to use.

  • Rattan Cave Chair – Add a Boho touch to your garden with a rattan chair! Rattan chairs elevate the overall beauty of your garden oasis and are perfect for the summer. This interior is becoming more popular for its elegant design and structure. Links to the best rattan chairs: CB2 & World Market.
  • String Lights – These light decoration boosts a homey feeling of ambiance that is warm, cozy, and romantic, setting the mood for a relaxing morning or evening. Links to light decor products: Crate&Barrel & Amazon.
  • Garden Art – This type of decoration is more traditional! Add ornaments, sculptures, and decorative stakes to elevate your garden vibe. Product links: Amazon & PeriGold.
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Rattan Chair

All these different decorations will look amazing in your Upper Ivy balcony garden! Invite your friends and family over to help to decorate and plant seeds in your new garden!

Don’t let limited space stop you from living your best life! Upper Ivy Luxury Apartments provides the perfect space to start your gardening journey.