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Not everyone was born lucky enough to have a green thumb. However, there is always room for growth. Plus, being a plant parent can be very rewarding. Before you opt for fake plants in your Culver City apartment at Upper Ivy, please take a look at our indoor gardening tips.

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Culver City Apartment Decor Guide: Indoor Gardening Tips

  1. Create a tiny indoor garden in a terrarium. Minimalism is still trending! To keep things simple with your indoor gardening, opt for a small terrarium garden. They also make for great centerpieces for your kitchen island or dining table. 
  2. Hang house plants for a 360-degree indoor garden display. For all you pet parents living in our downtown Culver City apartments for rent, this is for you! In addition to adding greenery to your apartments in Culver City without having the cat destroy them, hanging plants add unique levels to your home. They are also incredibly eye-catching.
  3. Start an indoor herb garden. Putting aside the fact that you can grow your own seasonings, herbs have such a beautiful texture to them. They are also incredibly fragrant.
  4. Create the indoor jungle of your dreams with large house plants. The floor plans at your Upper Ivy luxury apartments in Culver City are very spacious. Bookend your couch or cover each corner of the living room with oversized plants. We suggest plants like Fiddle Leaf Figs, Monsteras, Birds of Paradise, or Rubber Trees.
  5. Fake it! When you’ve tried but find that you can’t succeed, just fake it. Fake plants have stepped up a notch these days. It’s very easy to find fake plants that are gorgeous and realistic. So when your friends come over to your new apartments in Culver City, they won’t even notice. 

Culver City Apartment Decor Guide: Indoor Gardening Tips

We hope these indoor gardening tips were a helpful start. Good luck! We’re rooting for you.