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Baseball games are always fun to watch, especially with your friends and family during the summer. The cheering, the laughter, and the pure enjoyment everyone feels are contagious. You can’t help but feel the hype and excitement. The Los Angeles Dodgers have the most loyal fans, so being at ballparks makes it much more exciting! Thankfully, Upper Ivy is just a short drive away from Dodger Stadium. Hit the ballpark this Summer & watch the Dodger’s game.

Hit the Ballpark this Summer

It’s the last month of Summer, and what better way to spend your day with friends and family than watching a good ball game! Here are reasons to experience baseball games live.

  • Affordable – Unlike most sports like football and basketball, baseball game ticket prices can be as low as $10! Plus, most baseball stadiums are outdoors, so you can enjoy LA’s outdoor and city views while watching the Dodgers play. This is certainly getting your money’s worth!
  • Socialization – Sports have a way of bringing people together. You may start a conversation with a stranger just because you’re a fan of a certain team. Both of you may cheer for the team and have a beer together.
  • Create Memories – You and your friends can look back at this experience and think about all the fun and laughs you shared while wearing oversized Dodgers gear and eating greasy hot dogs!
  • Opportunity – Going to baseball games may spark an interest you didn’t realize you had! Whether it’s finding out you enjoy watching baseball or realizing you needed more social connections and adventures, you will most likely spend your time nicely. Instead of spending time on your phone, you will be in the stands cheering your team!
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Dodger’s Stadium – 1000 Vin Scully Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90012

After hitting the ballpark this Summer and watching the Dodgers play a good game, head back over to your apartments at Upper Ivy. Discuss your experience and plans to see more baseball games in your spacious living rooms!

Watch the Dodger’s Game

Here is the schedule of the Dodger’s home games for August

August 5 – Padres @ Dodgers (7:10 pm)

August 6 – Padres @ Dodgers (6:10 pm)

August 7 – Padres @ Dodgers (1:10 pm)

August 9 – Twins @ Dodgers (7:10 pm)

August 10 – Twins @ Dodgers (7:10 pm)

August 19 – Marlins @ Dodgers (7:10 pm)

August 20 – Marlins @ Dodgers (6:10 pm)

August 21 – Marlins @ Dodgers (1:10 pm)

August 22 – Brewers @ Dodgers (7:10 pm)

August 23 – Brewers @ Dodgers (7:10 pm)

August 24 – Brewers @ Dodgers (6:10 pm)

Tickets are available through many ticketing sites like TicketMaster, StubHub, and directly through MLB. Purchase your tickets soon to grab the best seats!

Stream Games Live

After you’ve experienced watching live baseball games at the ballpark this Summer, start streaming games live in the comfort of your own home!

  • Cabana Lounge – Host friends and family by the fireplace at Upper Ivy’s spacious resident cabana lounge. With a kitchen and flat-screen tv, you’ll surely have a great night cheering on the Dodgers! Be sure to snap a picture for Instagram and tags us @upperivy
  • Spacious Living Area – Enjoy streaming ball games live in your living room! With each unit featuring the latest in smart home technology combined with the highest quality finishes and appliances, you can watch and relax easily.
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Stream Baseball Games Lives at Upper Ivy

There are endless opportunities for summer entertainment and activities to do at Upper Ivy. When you get tired of keeping up with the latest ball games, explore Culver City! Check out Ivy Station, Platform, and Downtown Culver City for the best fine dining and shopping experience.