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We all know that eating food is part of life, but eating great food is culture. We thought it would be helpful to introduce you to some cuisine that will remind you why Los Angeles is known for its food. Below is a tight-knit list of the tastiest food trucks in LA near your Upper Ivy Culver City luxury apartments in Los Angeles for rent.


Food Trucks in LA

Kogi BBQ

Plain and simple, Kogi BBQ is the gold standard of Korean food trucks in Los Angeles. It is also one of the first! What makes the food stand out is the sauce in almost all of their dishes. The sauce is spicy but not overwhelming and has a hint of sweetness that adds balance to every item on the menu.

Dina’s Dumplings

Dina’s is a colorful addition to the food truck scene in LA. Not only is it a bright pink truck, but you’re getting dumplings that are set apart from the rest. Their dumplings are colorful for your enjoyment and are authentically made. Dina’s Dumplings uses traditional preparation methods passed down over generations. They are calling themselves a modern Chinese food truck, cruising to a street near you!

Food Trucks in LA

Prince of Venice 

It is common to come across taco, sushi, and burger food trucks around LA near your apartments for rent in Culver City, but it isn’t often that you get an Italian food truck. The Prince of Venice food truck aims to bring ‘a little royal trip to Italy’ in LA with fresh pasta and truffles.

Leo’s Taco Truck

When the sun sets over your Upper Ivy apartments, the taqueros come out in full force from all corners of the city. Leo’s Taco truck serves the city’s finest al pastor. They load the pork onto the trompo (rotating spit) with precision and are left to roast until they are perfectly tender and glossy. Don’t forget to take a trip to their condiments bar! 

Food Trucks in LA

We are so excited for you to discover these food trucks around your apartments in Culver City for rent. Stay up to date on all things Upper Ivy by following us on Instagram @upperivy.