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The city of Los Angeles is ever-evolving. Restaurants, bars, museums, and everything in between are always changing and reinventing themselves. That also rings true for luxury apartments in Los Angeles. Many parts make up Los Angeles, and very few compare to Culver City. From convenience to luxury, here are the top five reasons why you should live at Upper Ivy apartments in Culver City.

Upper Ivy apartments in Culver City


Location, Location, Location

While living in Los Angeles, the number one complaint is traffic. However, traffic isn’t as big of a deal when you are living in Culver City. That is because Culver City is in the center of it all. Whether it is downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, or West Hollywood, traveling to and from your luxury apartments in Culver City is easy. It gets better. Right across the street from Upper Ivy apartments is the Metro line! Not only are you able to affordably travel to downtown LA, but you’re helping the environment. However, we will argue that the best part of having the Metro line as your neighbor is that the next time you and your friend group decide to go bar hopping, you can easily save money on parking. Plus, there is no need to have a designated driver! Party on!

Upper Ivy apartments in Culver City


A Walkable and Bikeable Community

We can all agree that we all have a daily goal of trying to get in all 10,000 of our Fitbit steps in each day. Your Upper Ivy apartments for rent in Culver City make that daily goal a reality. That especially goes for everyone who works at Sony, Apple Music, Amazon, and HBO. Additional walkable and bikeable hot spots include our neighbor, Platform as well as the Culver Hotel.

You’re Living in History

Speaking of the Culver Hotel, one thing you will be able to brag about once you start living in Culver City is that you are living in history. Not only do you live minutes away from the hotel that housed all the munchkins from Wizard of Oz during filming, but you are just a bike ride away from Helms Bakery District. Similarly, you’re also near the iconic Kirk Douglas Theater. In addition to iconic LA landmarks, Culver City has its own arts district! There are a handful of well-known art galleries in the Culver City Arts District. Some of our favorites include the Robert Graham Studio and Thinkspace Art Gallery. We are also fortunate to have two D’face murals in our neighborhood.

Upper Ivy apartments in Culver City


Outstanding Bars and Eateries

We will be the first to admit that downtown LA and restaurant row in West Hollywood feature some great bars and eateries. However, they lack a few of the hottest restaurants and bars in Los Angeles. To start, we have all the eateries right across the street from us at Platform. Our top five favorites are Roberta’s, Loqui, Sweetgreen, Boba Guys, and Margot. You’ve also got a handful of independent shops at Platform like Reformation, Aesop, and Tom Dixon. Also, the iconic Helms Bakery District has Father’s Office and Pasta Sisters! With brews and burgers from Father’s Office and the entire Pasta Sisters menu at our fingertips, it’s fair to say we are very blessed and very susceptible to gaining the freshman fifteen. 

Upper Ivy Luxury Apartments

Last but not least, us! Not only are Upper Ivy apartments conveniently located in the heart of Los Angeles, but it makes up one-third of Ivy Station. What is Ivy Station? We thought you’d never ask! Ivy Station is Culver City’s newest destination featuring the Shay Hotel, the new HBO offices, plus LA’s newest public park surrounded by retail spaces and eateries. Ivy Station’s restaurant and retail tenants include Yoga Six, Equator Coffee, and Healthy Spot. However, being a part of Ivy Station is just the beginning of why Upper Ivy is the most desirable place to live in LA. Upper Ivy itself features spacious floor plans and amenities that you don’t come across very often. In particular, our vinyl lounge. We would love to continue bragging about ourselves, but what’s the point when we have our beautiful website to give you all the details. Step into your comfort zone by subscribing to our newsletters and following us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. See you all this summer!