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The Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

When it comes to the restaurant scene around your Culver City apartments for rent, you can guarantee there is something for everyone. That includes anyone with specific food preferences. For everyone living at Upper Ivy on a plant-based diet, here are our favorite vegan restaurants in Los Angeles. 

Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

Vegan food LA | Near Upper Ivy

Jackfruit Cafe

Starting off our list is the mighty Jackfruit Cafe. This plant-based soul food cafe is located inside the Colony kitchen co-op in West LA. They have an outstanding cashew-based vegan mac and cheese along with some incredible coconut milk-based smoothies.

Bulan Thai 

All of your favorite Thai dishes get a vegetarian update at Bulan Thai in Silverlake. Like many of our favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, they specify which items on the menu are plant-based. Our favorite dish is their Pad Thai, packed with flavor and no meat. 

Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

Double Zero 

We can say with confidence that we all love pizza. Many pizza joints in LA have vegan options, but only so few are entirely vegan. Take, for instance, Double Zero. This popular pizza joint’s menu is completely plant-based and all cooked on a wood-burning stove. Double Zero is known for their nut cheeses, and they also have a great selection of Italian fair like their eggplant parmesan. 

Butcher’s Daughter

Last but certainly not least is Butcher’s Daughter, just a short drive away from your Culver City apartments for rent in Venice. Like Jackfruit Cafe and Double Zero, the menu is entirely plant-based. They’ve got wellness lattes and a great Basil BLT. Our favorite item on the menu, hands down, is the Pad Thai with a scrambled egg. 

Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

No matter what kind of cuisine you are craving, you can be sure you can find a vegan version of it near your apartments for rent in Culver City.