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It is time to TACObout the most important food of all, TACOS! There is no shortage of tacos in Culver City. We will admit that not all tacos are created equally. That is where this list of our favorite taco spots in Culver City comes in. 

best tacos in Culver City near Upper Ivy

The Best Tacos in Culver City


Loqui is not only delicious, but it’s just a two-minute walk away from your Upper Ivy apartments for rent in Culver City. The menu is clean and simple. The taco fillings are incredible – shredded pork, spicy chicken, and very tasty mushrooms. They aren’t playing games with their house-made flour tortillas either. While $5 tacos may seem like a bit much, they are double the size of a regular taco making it worth every penny. Our favorite item on the menu is the mushroom molcajete. 

Chicas Tacos

Fish tacos are taken to a whole new level at Chicas Tacos, who just joined our neighborhood at the beginning of the year. Of all the tacos spots on this list, Chicas Tacos has the friendliest service. 

Tito’s Tacos

As we all know, tacos can come with a soft or crispy tortilla. We prefer soft tacos. There are times when we are in the mood for a bit more crunch. When we are, we always go to Tito’s Tacos, who have the best crispy tacos in LA.

The Best Tacos in Culver City

If you find yourself exploring the city of Los Angeles outside of Culver City and are craving tacos, here are some of our favorite spots:

We are all for ordering takeout and delivery. Luckily most of these taco spots are available for both. Even better, some of them have spacious patio areas. Enjoy!