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While many of us love to cook, supporting our local restaurant community is essential now more than ever. That is why we have a full blog post dedicated to our favorite takeout and delivery restaurants in Culver City. 

Takeout and Delivery Restaurants in Culver City

Restaurants in Culver City


Our first restaurant near your Upper Ivy apartments is one of our favorite spots for lunch. It is also one of those restaurants in LA that is perfect for trying something new and unique. Similar to the name, the menu is unlike anything you have seen or tasted. To start, they have their raw oatmeal dish served with a crispy vanilla disk on top. The roasted carrots are also a must. Don’t be fooled by this dish. Upon first look, there is not a carrot in sight. That is because it is hidden under a beautiful arrangement of lettuce leaves.


We are beyond blessed to say that we are only blocks away from arguably the best tacos in LA. Loqui tacos, to be exact. The flour tortillas are heavenly, and they grill their spicy chicken to perfection. We also highly suggest you order extra of their salsa seca.

Restaurants in Culver City

Pasta Sisters

The pastabilities are endless at Pasta Sisters! It’s perfect for a quarantine dinner date too. Feel free to be daring with your order as you’re allowed to mix and match the kinds of pasta and sauces. Spaghetti, linguini, pappardelle, Bolognese, they’ve got it all!

Father’s Office

Some say that peanut butter and jelly are the perfect pair. Some argue the same for chocolate and peanut butter. Upper Ivy apartments in Culver City believe that the beer and burgers from Father’s Office are a match made in heaven. We also speak very highly of their shoestring fries. While we advocate you get all french fry options on the menu, if you are trying to pick just one, go with the sweet potato fries. As far as burgers are concerned, the Office Burger with caramelized onion and applewood bacon takes the cake.

Restaurants in Culver City


Your apartments for rent in Culver City may not have a local Sugarfish. However, your Upper Ivy apartments do have Uzumaki. They are currently closed on Mondays, and everything on the a la carte menu is only available for takeout.

Van Leeuwen

We are going to end this list on a sweet note—a cold and sweet one, to be exact. Van Leeuwen not only serves some of the most incredible ice creams, but their list of vegan and gluten-free choices are plentiful and delectable. That especially goes for their gluten-free mint chip.

Please keep in mind that this list is only the beginning of local Culver City restaurants available for takeout and delivery. Simply go on Grubhub to see who else is offering. If you stray away from our list of favorite takeout and delivery restaurants, we won’t hold a grudge for too long just as long as you keep supporting local businesses.