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Happy New Year! Are you making a list of resolutions this new year? Side note: more than half of resolutions fail, but this year, they don’t have to. Upper Ivy Residence has created a game plan for sticking to your New Year’s resolutions. Check it out below!


Pick the Right Resolutions: 

Let’s set you up for success, which means setting a goal that’s doable and meaningful. Many resolutions fizzle out due to these three reasons. First, your plan was created based on what someone else is telling you to change; secondly, it’s too vague, and lastly, you do not have a realistic plan to achieve your goals. A guaranteed way to fall short of your dreams is to make your goal unattainable. 

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Be Specific: 

As you jot down your goals in your luxury apartment in Culver City, they should be evident. Instead of writing down a vague sentence, state a concrete plan that holds substance and is more important. For example, saying “I want to work out,” You want to have specific goals, How often you want to work out, and what you want to receive from just working out. Setting clear goals and narrowing your aim will be more effective for you in sticking to your New Year’s resolutions. 

Track Your Progress: 

Upper Ivy apartments in Culver City stand by morning journaling. Part of your morning routine includes keeping track of each small success. Short-term goals are easier to maintain, and noticing the small accomplishments will help keep you motivated. Keep a journal to help you stay on track and reward yourself along the way. 

If you’re digitally savvy and like to keep a digital journal on hand, we recommend Notion. This platform can be added to your smartphone or laptop so that you can keep track of your progress from anywhere when setting new goals. Having quick and easy access to this app in our away from your Culver City apartment makes it even easier to keep a gratitude journal. By jotting down things you’re grateful for throughout the day, you’ll find the fuel to keep sticking to your New Year’s resolutions.

Sticking with your journaling practice has never been easier with their endless templates you can choose from. Check out their platform online or download the app today to get started right away.

luxury apartments for rent in los angeles ca | Upper Ivy ResidencesReward Yourself 

This does not mean every time you accomplish something, go out to eat, especially if you intend to eat better. Instead, celebrate your success by treating yourself to something you enjoy that does not contradict your resolutions. If you have been sticking to your promise to eat better, reward yourself with a new workout outfit. Just remember you earned it!



Here at Upper Ivy Culver City, we encourage dreams. Setting achievable goals does not mean that you can not have big plans. But trying to take big jumps too fast can leave you stressed, frustrated, or affect other areas of your life to the point where you do not achieve your resolutions. You know what you can achieve, and we have faith in you! 


Be sure that your New Year goals align with who you are and who you want to be. Ask yourself, does this goal matter to you, or are you making the goal for the right reasons? If you’re setting the goal for anyone but yourself, it can make sticking to your New Year’s resolutions much harder. 

We have some advice for you, and we hope you take it into consideration this year! Our advice is as follows: if you make resolutions out of remorse, self-hate, or a strong passion at that moment, you may have a hard time completing that goal. 

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As your goals are “achievable,” make sure your timeline towards reaching your goal should be realistic too. Our advice to you is to give yourself the time needed and create smaller goals along the way. By creating an attainable timeline, you are setting yourself up for long-term success rather than burning out. Charles Duhigg, author of “The Power of Habit,” said, “If you’re building a habit, you are planning for the next decade, not the next couple of months.”


Grab your journal from your Culver City apartment and form your 2022 resolutions. Just remember, start with small goals, make them measurable, be realistic, make a plan, and stay positive. You are more than capable of reaching your goals when you set them with intention and dedication. 

Keep an eye out for more tips and tricks for having a great year at Upper Ivy in our future blogs. To a healthy, happy, and successful 2022! Happy New Year from Upper Ivy.