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It’s officially holiday season here at Upper Ivy, and we want to make sure you’re celebrating in true Culver City fashion! The last two years have made getting together with friends and family more difficult than ever, and it’s put a strain on our ability to give thanks for all that we have. Now that we can feel more comfortable gathering, let’s make sure that we give it our all! 

What better way to celebrate the friendships we have, than by hosting a friendsgiving here at your luxury apartment in Culver City. There’s an endless amount of ways to host a friendsgiving this year, from sharable finger food to fun games and activities. The most important part of this time of year is being able to spend time with those who matter most. Here are our tips for planning the perfect friendsgiving this holiday season. 

friendsgiving-guide-upper-ivyFinger Food or Feast? 

Depending on the size of your party and the needs of the group, you’ll either want to keep some sharable snacks on hand or make sure you have a large spread to make up a meal. If you end up having a small group get-together, feel free to go all out on a true Thanksgiving-style meal! Show each other how thankful you are by sharing a fantastic meal. 

If you do end up wanting a larger meal, don’t carry the weight on your own shoulders! Check-in with your friends ahead of time to have everyone pitch in one menu item. Whether someone offers to bring refreshments or utensils, anything helps! Offer to provide the items that are harder to transport, like freshly baked turkey or fresh pumpkin pies. This can be a fun way to involve everyone in the group while giving people a chance to add their own flare to Friendsgiving. Try these recipes for the best Thanksgiving food and dessert, or send them to your friends for some great inspiration! 

holiday-party-recipes-upper-ivyThe same goes for a larger crowd; have everyone offer to bring something, whether it be big or small, to share with the group. If you have an idea of what they will be bringing beforehand, it can make your job as the host a lot easier. Make sure that you have enough to go around, but don’t worry about providing a whole meal for a group this size. As long as there is something sweet and something salty, everyone will be happy! Use these recipes for the tastiest Thanksgiving treats while planning the perfect friendsgiving.

holiday-party-food-upper-ivyGet Festive!

What’s better than a party with your friends? A photo booth with your friends! Head to the store or search online for friendsgiving backdrops that make for the best group pictures. Look for a funny background or props to lighten the mood and get people in the spirit of Thanksgiving. 

Take turns taking pictures of each other, or even a film camera if you happen to have one handy! Make sure you get a group picture with everyone in it; set up a tripod and jump in the frame! This is a fun way to keep the party dynamic, as well as create memories that will last forever. These DIY photo-ops make the best holiday Instagram photos as well! 

You can tell your friends to dress up, or dress down! Take the opportunity to look cute, or feel your comfiest in some PJs. Either way, a themed dress code makes for the best pictures, so keep this in mind while planning your perfect friendsgiving. 

Gather ‘round! 

One of the best ways to plan your perfect friendsgiving is by setting up a few games beforehand. There are so many new card games to choose from, like What Do You Meme or Guess Who. More interactive activities like Pay The Price, or even classic Twister are sure to keep your friends entertained. Playing silly games is a great way to keep the mood light & create the best memories. 

friendsgiving-holiday-party-upperivyGive Thanks!

The best way to keep your friends close this holiday season is by giving thanks together. It’s a great practice to be thankful year-round, but now it’s easier to recognize the things we take for granted. Connect with your friends by taking a moment to acknowledge a few things that everyone is grateful for. Some might say they’re grateful for living in such a great city, or for their job, or maybe even pumpkin pie! Whatever it is, taking the time to share this with your friends is an important part of gathering. 



Your team at Upper Ivy wants to take the time to give thanks to the community we have here and in Culver City. There’s no better way to spend the holidays and embrace gratitude than appreciating the place you get to call home. Our ability to offer our residents a vibrant community and lifestyle is our top priority. 

We hope you enjoy the process of planning the perfect holiday party and enjoy the chances you get to spend time with friends and family this holiday season. Tag us in your festivities on Instagram @upperivy to let us know how you’re giving thanks and Happy Holidays from Upper Ivy.