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Los Angeles is the home of many luxury restaurants and foodie hot spots that are both aesthetic and delicious! Every restaurant or cafe you enter will offer you an experience like no other. You will find loads of different types of cuisines from vegan cafes to healthy restaurants located on every block in Los Angeles. Additionally, you will discover that there are endless cultural cuisines to choose from like Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, and more! To help break down your choices, we have compiled a list of the top 5 new restaurants near Culver City, all within a 10-mile distance from Upper Ivy Luxury Apartments!

Top 5 New Restaurants

  1. Tuk Tuk Thai 
    • Tuk Tuk Thai is a family-run Thai restaurant previously, located on Pico Blvd, but recently relocated to a nicer spot on Sawtelle! They offer a vegan-friendly menu and Thai street food-inspired plates. Be sure to try their most popular dish, Pad Zee Ew (fried rice noodles with soy sauce & broccoli).
  2. Go Go Bird
    • Go Go Bird is an American contemporary restaurant located in Citizen Public Market in Culver City. They offer fried chicken and gyoza! Their Kida’s cult-favorite fried chicken comes in tenders, wings, or sandwich form. This spot is perfect if you are looking for typical take-out comfort food.
  3. Soko Sushi
    • Soko Sushi is a hidden gem located inside the Fairmont Miramar, Santa Monica! They offer an authentic and traditional dining experience. Making reservations in advance is highly recommended as they only take up to 8 guests at a time. This restaurant offers a unique and intimate experience because you will have the amazing Chef Masa as a personal chef! All sashimi plates are incredibly fresh and worth trying out!
  4. Socalo 
    • Socalo is located in Santa Monica and opened right before the lockdown hit! They were fortunate enough open back up and continue to thrive to this day! Socalo serves conscientiously-sourced and seasonal SoCal Mexican fare. Some of the most popular dishes are the Vampiro Steak & Shrimp tacos, the ceviche, and the breakfast burrito, perfect for Sunday morning.
  5. Piccalilli
    • Downtown Culver City is booming right now with new trendy restaurants! Piccalilli is one of the hottest new openings in town! They are located on Culver Blvd offering Cali Asian dishes and a fun restaurant vibe with vibrant decor.

After discovering new restaurants throughout the Westside, enjoy eating your leftovers at the Cabana Lounge at Upper Ivy while watching your favorite TV show or movie!

downtown culver city apartments

Soko Sushi

Top Coffee Shops in Culver City

  • Go Get Em Tiger Coffee – This unique coffee shop is located on Washington Blvd in Culver City. They brew their fresh coffees in the old Sony Studios! Best of all, you will find a full kitchen for your daytime food to eat alongside your delicious coffee.
  • goodboybob coffee roasters – Located inside Citizen Public Market, this coffee shop sources the most interesting coffee beans in the world, and these rare coffees aren’t available else in LA in the US! goodboybob also offers a menu that offers drinks like canned beer and wines, to a wide array of vegan and vegetarian food options!
  • Equator Coffees – Right by Upper Ivy, Equator Coffees is a hip local coffeehouse chain, serving single-origin coffee, tea & light eats. Be sure to check out their website for 30 percent off your first coffee subscription!

Don’t forget to purchase coffee beans from the coffee shops you visited! Brew coffee in the comfort of your own home at the Upper Ivy Luxury Apartments. Store them away in your modern designer cabinets and enjoy sipping your coffee at your spacious deck with a panoramic view of Culver City!

downtown culver city apartments

Equator Coffees

Alternatively, if you’d rather stay in for the night, order take-out from any of these top new restaurants near Culver City! Enjoy eating your meal in the Cabana Lounge by the fireplace at Upper Ivy. This spacious lounge offers space for dining and cooking. Relax in style at Upper Ivy.