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During these times of stress, it is essential to find an outlet and a moment of relief and relaxation at home with your loved ones. Finding fun and creative ideas for a date night in Los Angeles with your partner can also be challenging nowadays. No matter how difficult the times are, Valentine’s Day is still worth celebrating. That leaves us to ask, how can you have a romantic date night at your Upper Ivy apartments in Culver City? If you’ve been wondering yourself, don’t worry! We have cooked up some date night ideas that you can do in the comfort of your own Upper Ivy apartments for rent in LA.

Date Night in Los Angeles at Your Culver City Apartments for Rent

Date Night In Los Angeles

  1. Try a Virtual Visit – There are many museum tours and aquariums that offer free virtual visits. This allows you to view places that are not local and creates space to engage with your partner in conversation about the art, animals, or scenery you are both experiencing. It is also a fun way to “travel” around the world.
  2. Creative Picnic – This is a relaxed, fun outdoor activity where you can create a picnic, either at a local park, your backyard, or even your living room! You could get some take-out from one of our food blogs! Don’t forget to add a touch of romance to your picnics with some candles.
  3. Fondue Tasting – Up next is something nostalgic. A fondue tasting! You can melt some of your favorite cheeses or mix various fruits with chocolate. Regardless, this idea should melt both of your hearts.
  4. DIY Wine and Paint Night – Creativity at its finest! This date night is easy to recreate at home too. All you need to do is purchase some canvases, paints, and sponges. Lookup a painting tutorial on YouTube, and paint at home together for your date night in Los Angeles.
  5. Assemble a Puzzle – Boosting your brainpower while getting some quality time with your sweetie is always a must. Plus, assembling a jigsaw puzzle can enhance teamwork and gives you a sense of accomplishment at the end.


We hope this list inspires you to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your significant other in your Upper Ivy apartments in Culver City for rent. Make sure you take some pictures of your date night and tag us on Instagram, @upperivy!