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Noodles come in all kinds of flavors and forms. We would confidently argue that the best version of them is ramen. There is no shortage of ramen restaurants near your Culver City apartments for rent. However, not all of them are created equal. Get out your wallets and prepare to learn about where to find the best ramen in Los Angeles around Upper Ivy.

Best Ramen in Los Angeles apartments in Culver City for rent

Where to Find the Best Ramen in Los Angeles

Moto Ramen

First up on our ramen restaurants list is in Culver City, around the corner from your luxury apartments. Bold flavors make up the menu at Moto Ramen. They offer both cold noodles and hot ramen. Of the hot ramen, none compare to the black garlic Tonkotsu. There are tons of small plates on the menu that will compliment your ramen beautifully. We suggest the marinated cucumber or garlic edamame.

Saikai Ramen Bar 

A little less than nine miles away from your Culver City apartments for rent is Saikai Ramen Bar in Koreatown. If you are looking for freshly made ramen, Saikai is it. Their broths are made in-house and marinade in either pork or bone broth overnight. The most unique and arguably delicious item on the menu is the Mazemen, a broth-free ramen dish. Additional items on the menu outside of ramen include sando and bento boxes.

Hinoki & The Bird

We now make our way over to Century City at Hinoki & The Bird. The broth at this ramen spot includes the traditional chicken and beef broths. However, the luxurious lobster ramen is what you will be ordering. Also, they are now offering outdoor dining!


We are wrapping up this list back in our neighborhood of Culver City at Tentenyu. The specialty here is tori paitan, which is chicken-based ramen. That said, those of you living in Culver City who are partial to having ramen with chicken broth will want to order from Tentenyu. We are also very happy to say that they too are now open for dine-in!

Where to Find the Best Ramen in Los Angeles

That may be the end of our ramen spots in Los Angeles, but you can find more Upper Ivy food guides here. Happy eating!