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Christmas Gifts for Furry Friends

While you’re getting ready to celebrate Christmas this season, don’t forget to include your furry friend. Our pets are very special to us, and although they can’t quite understand why they appreciate you making them feel extra appreciated. Here are some paw-fect Christmas gifts for your furry friends to unwrap this year (with your help).

From yummy treats to a new outfit, there are plenty of options to deck out your pet for the holiday season. Let’s face it, buying them a cute outfit for your Christmas pictures is more for you than it is for them. Either way, your extra attention and love is the greatest gift to them. Show your pets just how much they mean to you with any of these gifts.

Christmas Clothing

christmas outfits and accessories for pets | Upper Ivy apartmentsIf your pet doesn’t already have a selection of outfits for everyday wear, buying them a fun outfit or two for the holidays can be a great gift. Halloween and Christmas are two of the funniest holiday to dress your pets up for.

Here at Upper Ivy, we get a kick out of seeing our resident’s dogs in their adorable outfits. There are so many cute options to choose from online, like these outfits and accessories from for your dog or cat.

If your pet is comfortable wearing a lot of clothing, you can get them something like an ugly Christmas sweater or a hoodie. If they aren’t as used to wearing anything but their collar, look for something less restricting like a cute Christmas bandana or bow tie.

These options work great for both dogs and cats. For short picture ops, you can pick up a Santa hat as well. It might not stay on all day, but it sure makes for a cute photo.

If you have multiple pets, it could be fun to get them matching or correlated outfits. If you have two dogs, for example, you could get a matching sweater set that says “naughty” and “nice” (but don’t tell them which one is which). Check out the options online or at a local pet store in culver city to find the perfect outfits for this Christmas with your pets.

Tasty Treats

christmas outfits and accessories for pets | Upper IvyOne of the easiest Christmas gifts for your pets are pet treats. Although they probably get a few treats here and there on any normal day, you can still make this special for Christmas. An easy way to keep your pet involved in the festivities this holiday season is by making their own stocking.

Christmas stockings are something most people decorate with each and every year. Make an extra special stocking for your furry friend by picking out a custom one with their name, or pick out a fun pet stocking at any pet store. Pick up some treats while you’re there too!

Fill your pet stalking with tasty treats, or maybe a new toy or two for them to find on Christmas morning. Just be sure to keep your pet’s stocking where they can’t find it early! Share a picture of their stocking next to yours with us @upperivy so we can see your holiday apartment decor!

christmas stockings for pets | Upper Ivy Culver City apartmentsPet Portraits

Although this gift idea wouldn’t be entirely for your pet, taking pictures of your pets around the holidays is a great way to make memories with them. We might not get to spend a lot of our life with them, but they get to spend their entire lives with us. Taking pictures of their cute furry selves is a great way to hold onto those memories forever.

Use the Christmas outfits or accessories you pick up, as well as your festive holiday decor, to put together a little photoshoot. Maybe sneak into their treats early to get them to sit or stay still long enough to snap a photo! Print these out and put them on your fridge during the holidays, or share with us! We might feature a few festive furry friends on our own Instagram this year to show off the smallest residents of Upper Ivy!

christmas pictures with pets | Upper Ivy luxury apartments

If you’re a pet lover and you want to make your furry friend feel special, make sure you pick up some Christmas gifts for your furry friend. Pet Christmas gifts are easy to find and are an easy way to make your holiday extra special for you and your pet. Happy Holidays to you and your pets from Upper Ivy.