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We cannot taconough about the restaurants in Culver City. Upper Ivy apartments for rent in LA are very lucky to have a variety of choices when it comes to dining. That especially goes for all the taco trucks in LA.


Taco Trucks in LA

Tacos El Tamix

First up, we have Tacos El Tamix right near your Upper Ivy apartments for rent in Culver City. The guys inside this truck are working hard to serve up meaty, juicy slices of Al Pastor straight off the pit. There are no thin bits, just hefty chunks of deep red pork with pineapple that never overpowers the plate. Onions, salsa, and cilantro are subtle additions but aren’t necessary because of the meats satisfying crunch.

Tacos El Venado

Al Pastor tacos are at a whole new level at Tacos El Venado in North Hollywood. The burritos are something else as well. In particular, the carne asada burrito. The various tacos are all a must-try but what keeps us coming back are the queso tacos.  

Taco Trucks in LA

Casa La Doña

The next stop on our taco truck list is a metro ride away over in Downtown LA. Casa La Doña is known for its fresh, pliable, handmade tortillas. Locals brag about how soft and tender the carnitas are. Their tacos Al Pastor are moist and rich and always of high quality. They have dollar tacos on Tuesdays so expect it to be crowded on Taco Tuesday. Once again, salsa lovers buckle down because they have 18 types of salsa, ranging from mild to spicy. We encourage you to try them all.

Don Chuy’s

Last but certainly not least is Don Chuy’s in our very own neighborhood of Culver City. Don Chuy’s also happens to be a restaurant known for its excellent and very affordable happy hour. That in mind, if you are looking for a cheap happy hour with tacos, we’d suggest Don Chuy’s. Back to tacos! Without a doubt, this is the most affordable food truck on the menu. They are serving up 99 cent tacos all day!