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If you ever find yourself in Studio City or want to explore other parts of LA, we want everyone living at Upper Ivy apartments for rent to be in-the-know when it comes to the LA food scene. We dived into so many incredible local eateries last year. We are going to do the same this year and then some. As mentioned in our Santa Monica food guide, we will continue to break down the best restaurants in Los Angeles by location. This week, we are talking about the best restaurants in Studio City.

The Best Restaurants in Los Angeles: Studio City Edition

The Best Restaurants in Los Angeles: Studio City Edition

Aroma Coffee and Tea Co.

This all-day spot in Studio City is definitely most popular around brunch. They are known for their big menu and adorable wrap-around-patio. It’s reminiscent of an old cottage and is great for both a personal day or a catch-up with friends. They also have a fantastic bakery with items that change regularly. 


If there is one thing that will draw you to the valley, it is the sushi. In fact, Studio City in particular has some of the best sushi bars in the city and one of the first. Teru has been serving sushi addicts for 25 years now. The fish is fresh as can be, and unlike many sushi bars in LA, the crab meat is real. That said, the BSC Roll is a must. It is cheesy baked scallops on top of a California Roll. The decor is traditional, and they have an outdoor patio area. 

Casa Vega

If you are trying to learn more about restaurants that define LA, one of them is in the valley. For all of you living at Upper Ivy Culver City apartments for rent who saw, Once Upon A Time in Hollywood will know about this spot. Casa Vega is an LA landmark. It has been around for the past 62 years and has never left its location on Ventura Blvd. Moving on from our history lesson, their menu has all the staples, including chicken mole, burritos, enchiladas, and tostadas. Their margaritas, however, are the hottest item on the menu.  

OVE Pizzeria

Don’t get us wrong, Roberta’s pizza just around the corner from us may just be our favorite pizza shop in LA. However, the valley has a few must-try’s as well. In particular, OVE Pizzeria. Creativity reaches new heights here, especially with their specialty pizzas. That includes the pizza topped with a sunny side up egg, BBQ chicken or shrimp pizza, or the Mexican pizza. Whether you are gluten-free or not, we’d also suggest trying out their GF pizza.

The Best Restaurants in Los Angeles: Studio City Edition

Pizza, sushi, Mexican food, OH MY! We are happy to report that Culver City is just as delicious. We know you all are very curious about your wonderful city of LA and have friends all over town. The next time you are in any one of these areas of LA, use our food guides to be the host with the most. Happy dining!