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Dreaming of mouthwatering, savory, and creamy Japanese Ramen for dinner tonight? Say less, we’ve got you covered! Upper Ivy is near the best foodie hot spots and luckily Japanese Ramen is one of them. Here is a guide to the best ramen near Culver City.

Best Ramen near Culver City

Here are our best go-to ramen spots near Upper Ivy. You’ll certainly be coming back for more!

  • Moto Ramen – Located on Washington Blvd, this low-key ramen spot offers a menu of noodle soup and bento lunch boxes. We highly recommend trying Tonkotsu Ramen Bowel or their Spicy Miso Ramen. Don’t forget to order beer & sake to go with your ramen dinner!
  • Ramen Nagi – Although not in Culver City, this ramen spot is worth the mention! Located at the Westfield Mall in Century City, Ramen Nagi recently opened their 3rd California location last summer. Nagi is one of the most recognizable names on the Tokyo ramen scene and has become a popular spot to eat. Upon arrival, you’ll pick a ramen base, customize the flavor, decide on noodle texture, and then choose your toppings!
  • Tatsu Ramen – This is a bright and modern destination for Japanese noodle soups with customized ingredients & iPad ordering. Their ‘Bold Ramen Bowl’ and ‘Old Skool Ramen’ are popular picks.
  • The Ramen Joint – This ramen spot offers house-made broths, rice bowls & seasonal small plates. Best of all, they have a delicious menu of cozy ramen eateries. Their Shoyu Tonkotsu is defiantly worth the try!
  • Daikokuya Sawtelle – Located on Sawtelle Blvd, be sure to visit Daikokuya Sawtelle! We recommend ordering their top seller, Daikoku Ramen with their delicious homemade Gyoza.
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Ramen Nagi Century City

We hope you have a great time discovering the best ramen spots near Culver City! If you’re looking for a relaxing night in, get your ramen delivered to your Upper Ivy doorsteps.

How to Make Homemade Ramen

Eating out may be great, but you can also cook ramen that tastes just as good!

  • Miso Ramen Recipe – Flavored with pork or chicken broth with a mix of toppings such as chashu and ramen egg, this miso ramen bowl will satisfy your craving. You can make delicious ramen with authentic broth in less than 30 minutes!
    • Here’s what you’ll need for the broth – Miso, Doubanjiang (bean paste), Sesame seeds and sesame oil, chicken broth, & White pepper powder
    • Ramen Noodles – You can purchase ramen noodles at any Asian grocery store near you! Side Note: Ramen noodles cook really fast. So make sure to prepare everything ahead of time.
    • Toppings – Chashu (pork belly), Boiled Egg, Bean Sprout, Sweet corn kernels, Chopped green onion, Nori (seaweed)
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Homemade Japanese Ramen

Enjoy your homemade ramen dinner on your balcony at Upper Ivy! Take in the fresh summer air and watch the sunset in Culver City.

Japanese Restaurants Near You

Craving other Japanese cuisine tonight? Here is a compiled list of sushi spots near you!

  • UZUMAKI SUSHI – This is a sleek and minimalist Japanese eatery offering classic sushi rolls & Japanese small plates in a chill atmosphere. We recommend ordering an Uzumaki dish that includes Tsunami ceviche, edamame, 5 pieces of nigiri, and 8 pieces of your choice of a cut roll!
  • Sake House by Hikari – Located on Culver Blvd, this restaurant is a traditional & modern-style sushi spot accompanied by beer & sake in an inviting locale with a patio.
  • Sushi Mashiko – This bright and cozy restaurant serves traditional Japanese dishes from the sushi bar & kitchen. Their calamari is a great starter along with a sushi dinner plate, served with miso soup.
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After an evening of dining at the best sushi spots near you, end your day relaxing in your cozy bedrooms at Upper Ivy. With dazzling views of Culver City, you will experience next-level living.