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Thin crust or thick crust? Sicilian or Flatbread? For many of us, pizza is a passion. Chicago has their deep dish pizza’s and New York has their large thin-crust slices. Los Angeles may be known for their tacos and cocktails, but we do pizza pretty well too. Everyone needs a good pizza night in their apartment or a local pizza shop to indulge in. Looking for the best pizza in Culver city? Here are Upper Ivy Apartments’ favorite Pizza Shops near Culver City. 



luxury apartments near los angeles and culver city ca | Upper Ivy ResidencesLocated in Platform in Culver City, Roberta’s serves delicious wood-fired pies and other Italian eats. Roberta’s is an NYC restaurant with a new West Coast location across the street from Upper Ivy luxury apartments. We have to agree their pizza lives up to the Brooklyn hype, putting them on the list for the best pizza in Culver City.

It is dark and blistered with chewy crusts topped with prime toppings in every bite. Our favorite pizzas on the menu are some of their less traditional pizzas. Make sure to order the Garlic Loaded Lil’ Stinker or a Little-Too Dry Porchetta Pie. Whether you are taking the pizza to enjoy in your luxury apartment or dining in, you are guaranteed a great time.


Victor’s Jr 

In need of an ideal lunch spot to grab a sandwich on the go or, even better, a slice of Pizza? Victor’s Jr. is known for its lunch crowd and delicious pizza. They are conveniently located on Washington Blvd, only 5 minutes from Upper Ivy Luxury Apartments. Real Italian comfort classics, that will make you want to come back for more.


Upper Crust Pizzeria 

luxury modern apartment for rent near los angeles ca | Upper Ivy ResidencesUpper Crust Pizzeria, a popular Boston pizza chain, has finally opened its doors right here in our very own neighborhood, Culver City. There are a lot of pizza places in L.A. but there are not a lot of good pizza places in Los Angeles. At Upper Crust Pizzeria you will find the best and freshest ingredients used, and don’t forget their clean-label shredded mozzarella from the Grade Cheese Company in Wisconsin which is the best cheese you can use in the industry.


Ugo Cafe 

Ugo is an authentic and charming Italian eatery serving award-winning pizza in Culver City. Not only do they serve Neapolitan-style pizza, they also have a gelato bar and fresh pasta made by hand daily. A short .6 mile walk from your Upper ivy residence, Ugo Cafe will be your go-to on the weekend or mid-day during the week. Our favorites here at Upper Ivy are their Quattro Stagioni Pizza and the Figo Pizza.


Etta Culver City 

culver city luxury apartments for rent near santa monica | Upper Ivy Our new and beloved favorite is right below our Upper Ivy luxury apartments. Located in The Shay Hotel in Culver City, the expanded Chicago restaurant hints at Italian and Californian comfort flavors. Centered around a wood-fired hearth, Etta is truly a keeper of the hearth. Their wood-fired pizzas are worth the hype. At Upper Ivy, we recommend ordering their Wild Mushroom Pizza and their Burrata Pie. Whether you choose to dine in or order take-out to your apartment in Culver City, you will not be disappointed.


Brunello Trattoria 

A classic family-owned Italian restaurant since 2003. Brunello Trattoria is serving classic Italian food just like you would find in Naples, Italy. They make their own pasta, pizza, bread, and even calzones. Our go-to order at Upper Ivy is to start with Prosciutto e Mozzarella, The Napoletana Pizza, and the best, the Daniele Pizza. Thankfully, our favorite pizzas are only a short 13-minute walk from your apartment home in Culver City.

Pit Fire Artisan

A Los Angeles-based restaurant company producing rustic, fire singed pizzas and handcrafted cuisine from simple, fresh ingredients. We have to agree, Pit Fire Artisan in Washington BLVD might just be one of the best pizza spots in Culver City. If we have one thing to say, make sure to try their Burrata Pizza! Fresh, delicious, and perfect crust. If you check out Pit Fire Artisan in Culver City, make sure to tag @upperivy on Instagram.


MOD Pizza 

MOD Pizza is known for its individual artisan-style pizzas and salads since 2008. Build your own pizza with any toppings you may want. Thankfully, Upper Ivy has a MOD Pizza right across the street in Culver City. On top of ordering your fresh pizza, make sure to order the Cheesy Garlic Bread. Loaded with mozzarella and parmesan, this perfect side is sliced and ready for sharing, or not! Don’t forget a dipping sauce, our favorite is their ranch. This is not only one of the shops with the best pizza in Culver City, but it’s one of the closest shops to Upper Ivy. Just a short walk from your luxury apartment in Culver City. Enjoy!


Let us know what your favorite type of pizza is by tagging us on Instagram @upperivy the next time you grab a pizza nearby. Some of these shops are featured on our local hotspots website page. Check it out for more local favorites!