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It is officially summer here in LA. For some, that means days spent at the beach and warm walks at night. We are all about that life. However, what we love most about summer is that getting ice cream on the regular becomes a necessity. How else are you supposed to stay cool in 100-degree weather? Thankfully, we have the best ice cream in Culver City. 

Best Ice Cream in Culver City

Best Ice Cream in Culver City   

Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

First up, our favorite, Van Leeuwen’s. The reason why it’s our favorite is that their vegan flavors are outstanding. Not to mention, they are just a short walk away from your apartments for rent in Culver City. It gets better! They also have the largest selection of gluten-free flavors! Whether you have dietary restrictions or not, the entire menu will have you coming back for more. In case you were wondering, the earl grey tea is our favorite.   

Salt & Straw

Salt & Straw is a classic ice cream shop in our book. There are just a handful of these shops in LA and our Culver City apartments are truly blessed to call them a neighbor. Many of these ice cream shops have seasonal flavors. However, we are confident when we say that Salt & Straw always has the best seasonal flavors. If you have never been, we recommend getting a scoop of the sea salt with caramel ribbons. 

Best Ice Cream in Culver City 

Ginger’s Divine Ice Creams

Let’s talk chocolate, shall we? It is a staple flavor in the world of ice cream. Over at Ginger’s Divine Ice Creams, they take chocolate to a whole other level with their Billionaire Brownie. Unlike most of this list, Ginger’s Ice Creams have a bit more creativity. Specifically with their Divine Pops. Our favorite on this menu is the Cookie Monster Pop featuring cookies and cream ice cream in a dipped blue raspberry shell with crushed Oreos. The Dark Chocolate Raspberry comes in at a close second with dark chocolate raspberry ice cream dipped in dark chocolate with dusted lavender sugar. 


Speaking of creativity, there is also Coolhaus on Washington. What makes them unique is that all of their flavors can be turned into an ice cream sandwich! They also have some must-try dairy-free flavors such as their dirty mint chip. 

Best Ice Cream in Culver City 

The only thing better than having ice cream daily is having tons of variety. Luckily, when you live in Culver City at Upper Ivy apartments, you will be trying something new every day.