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There is no shortage of coffee shops in Culver City and we all know the best way to wake up is with a fresh cup of brew. However, not all of us have time to make our own. Some of us just don’t want to and sometimes the coffee in the communal kitchen at the office just won’t cut it. That is where we come in! Here are your best coffee shops to start your day off right near your Upper Ivy apartments in Culver City.

Coffee Shops in Culver City:

coffee shops in Culver City

Cognoscenti Coffee

Located in the Culver City Arts District is Cognoscenti Coffee. The quaint minimal decor is refreshing just like their brew. The seating is limited but it does include an outdoor patio. For those who haven’t heard of Cognoscenti Coffee, what we love most about them is how meticulous the baristas are while making your coffee. We suggest ordering the Americano.

Boba Guys

Up next is a tea and boba shop called Boba Guys. Located in Platform, this spot may not have a whole lot of coffee but you can customize how sweet and caffeinated you want your tea to be. They have great horchata and seasonal drinks. We are also big fans of their lavender black tea with almond milk and boba. As we mentioned, the best part about Boba Guys is how customizable their menu is. Most of the spots on this list are great to start your morning right but we suggest Boba Guys for your weekend coffee date with friends.

The Conservatory of Coffee, Tea, & Cocoa

The options are truly endless over at the Conservatory for Coffee, Tea, & Cocoa. There are hundreds of teas to choose from. The opportunity to gain insight into all the different sorts of coffee beans is readily available to you from their very friendly staff. Fun fact, the business itself roasts all of its beans in-house. Can you say fresh? Not only is it a great spot to get your morning brew, but it is the perfect spot to get work done outside of the office especially for all you Sony employees.

Bar Nine

Last but certainly not least is Bar Nine. Located on Helms, what we love most, aside from the coffee, is the decor. The large garage-like space has industrial ceilings and tongs of seating. One cup of coffee makes for an incredible experience. That especially goes for their classic brew.


There you have it. Enjoy and thank us later!