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National Hamburger Day is upon us! Yes, that is a thing, and we MUST be prepared. We know many of you are new to the Culver City area and perhaps even Los Angeles. Thankfully, our weekly Upper Ivy blogs are here to help familiarize you with your city. Today, we will cover our territory and reveal where you can find the best burgers in Los Angeles. 

burgers in los angeles

The Best Burgers in Los Angeles

Gran Blanco

First on our list is just a 15-minute drive or so from your Culver City apartments for rent. Gran Blanco is right by the Venice Boardwalk and is known for its Tremendous Burger. This indulgence includes two beef patties with caramelized onions, mayo, and lettuce.  

Burgers 99 

The next spot on our list has multiple locations, including Hancock Park and Hollywood. We suggest the Hancock Park location on La Brea. This burger joint around the corner from your luxury apartments in Culver City recently opened and is serving up classic burgers. The straightforward menu includes a hickory bacon burger and a homemade vegan burger. We suggest you opt for the American burger or the double cheeseburger. The double cheeseburger is incredibly delicious since it features an iconic Thousand Island dressing that they call the 99 Sauce. 

The Best Burgers in Los Angeles

The Win-Dow at American Beauty 

Traveling back to Venice, there is also the Win-Dow. This spot near your Culver City apartments is a pick-up window within a steakhouse called American Beauty. Like Burgers 99, they are making no-frills burgers. They’ve got a cheeseburger, a double cheeseburger, and a vegetarian burger called the Beauty Burger, which is our favorite.  

Johnny’s West Adams

Let’s round up our list of burgers in Los Angeles with something a bit more unorthodox. In particular, Johnny’s West Adams in both Jefferson Park and West Adams. The star of this menu would be the Johnny Burger. What makes this burger different? The burger is topped with pastrami! The patty is crispy and doused in Thousand Island, mustard, caramelized onions, and Swiss cheese. 

The Best Burgers in Los Angeles

Living in Los Angeles is a truly delicious experience. This is not the first time we’ve blogged about burgers. Last month, we chatted about our favorite local burger joints near your apartments for rent in Culver City. Both of these lists should be more than enough to help guide you along your journey towards having the best National Hamburger Day EVER. Enjoy!