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Many of the restaurants in Culver City and even the rest of Los Angeles are very health-conscious. We at Upper Ivy apartments for rent in Culver City are not complaining. It is quite a blessing to have so many farm-to-table, gluten-free, and vegan restaurants nearby and available. However, that does not mean that we do not have our fair share of cheat day spots. There are tons of burger joints all over Los Angeles, and lucky for us, you can find the best burgers in Culver City.

best burgers in Culver City apartments

Upper Ivy Food Guide: The best burgers in Culver City

Burger Lounge

One of the greatest things about living at Upper Ivy apartments for rent is the location. So many incredible establishments are a short walk away. That includes the first burger joint on our list, Burger Lounge on Washington Blvd. All of the vegans and vegetarians living in Culver City at Upper Ivy will love the Burger Lounge. They have six different vegan-friendly burgers and two gluten-free burger options! As far as traditional, meat-based burgers go, we love the S.O.B. burger with caramelized onions and pickles.

Father’s Office 

Up next is a spot where the fries are just as delicious as the burger. It is fair to say that Father’s Office is one of the first places to popularize the concept of a gourmet burger. There are only two of them in Los Angeles and one of them is just a few blocks away from your Upper Ivy Culver City apartments for rent. Back to the menu. We mentioned that the fries here really make the meal. We are very partial to the sweet potato fries topped with roasted garlic. For burgers, go for The Office Burger. Side note, Father’s Office is also known for having a very impressive list of beers on tap.

Hinano Cafe

Let’s make our way over to our neighboring area, Venice, where you will find the one and only Hinano Cafe. This beach bar serves up more traditional styled burgers, and we are not complaining. They have been in this exact Venice location since 1962! Rumor has it that Jim Morrison frequented this Venice burger spot all the time. Their list of burgers includes:

  • A veggie burger.
  • Hamburger and eggs (available for breakfast only).
  • Double cheeseburger.
  • Turkey burger.
  • The world-famous Hinano burger. 

Upper Ivy Food Guide: The best burgers in Culver City

We are so happy to live in the heart of Los Angeles near so many delicious, one-of-a-kind eateries. Stay in the loop on all sorts of neighborhood spotlights and happenings by following us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.