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We love how easy it is to have an at-home spa day at our Upper Ivy Culver City apartments for rent. Along with our Pool and Cabana Lounge, our Culver City apartments for rent include all the residence features you need to get some R&R in your life.

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How To Have An At-Home Spa Day At Upper Ivy

Soak in the Tub

At some point, the ultimate spa days include some time in the tub. Many of our floor plans come with luxury tile tubs. Make sure to go full out with it. Bubbles are always an option. However, we are partial to pouring in Epsom salt, essential oils, and a bath bomb. Go the extra mile and bring those iconic Pinterest photos to life by throwing some rose petals in there with a bathtub caddy tray to hold your glass of cucumber water. 

Do Your Full Skincare Routine + a Facemask

We all have a skincare routine of some kind. When days are stressful, however, we feel rushed and don’t tend to the entire routine. At-home spa days at your Upper Ivy apartments for rent in Culver City are the perfect time to do the whole routine and then some. If you happen to have a face mask from your favorite brand, go for it! If you are into DIY face masks, we would suggest one of these from Elle Magazine.

Include a Face and Scalp Massage

Speaking of your face, make sure to include a face massage in there! The best way to do this is to get either a jade roller, a gua sha, an ice roller, or a face sculptor. Feel free to purchase all of them! Your Culver City apartments for rent in Los Angeles include tons of bathroom storage space to keep it organized. If you are going to massage out those neglected areas of the face and neck, make sure to get a scalp massager as well. It helps boost blood flow. If you are going to shower for your spa day, use the scalp massager while washing your hair. 

How To Have An At-Home Spa Day At Upper Ivy

Stretch Your Stress Away

Before you soak in the tub or enjoy our hot jacuzzi by the pool, we’d recommend a good stretch. To fit the theme of your spa day, light some candles around you, burn some sage, or turn on your air purifier. Regardless of which one it may be, incorporating a bit of scent design is always a great idea. 

Lounge Around Your Upper Ivy Apartment

Wrap up this day of R&R by throwing on some loungewear and slippers (crocs are acceptable). Lounging around can mean a few things on this spa day. We suggest one or all of the following:

  • Hop into bed and read a book
  • Sit at your dining room table and do some journaling with a cup of tea
  • Plop on the couch in your living room and binge your favorite show

How To Have An At-Home Spa Day At Upper Ivy

There you have it, the perfect at-home spa day. Let the good vibes roll!