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With every year comes new movies that we get to enjoy either in theater or in the comfort of our own home. 2022 has a number of new movies coming out that you won’t want to miss. Watch these movies on your streaming services in your luxury apartment at Upper Ivy, down in our poolside cabana, or at a local movie theater. Wherever you watch, you’ll surely enjoy these 6 movies to watch in 2022.

Scream Movie

luxury apartment near culver cityDid you watch the original scream movie and love it? Good news! The sequel is out as of last month. Watch this thriller in theaters or in your home once it hits streaming platforms.

The original cast makes an appearance in this movie and assists the new cast in their journey throughout the movie. Will the new group of teenagers escape the dark past of the town? Watch the trailer here now.

Marry Me

This movie, airing just in time before Valentine’s day, is a romance movie like many of our favorites before. You might’ve seen Jennifer Lopez play the woman who falls in love with the unexpected man in similar movies before, but you won’t want to miss this spin. In this movie, you’ll get to watch her character Kat lock eyes with Owen Wilson’s character Charlie at the perfect moment.

Kat, familiar with the limelight, and Charlie, the high school math teacher, face a struggle in making the love they find work. Explore their journey to marriage this month to celebrate the month of love! Watch the trailer here to decide whether or not you’ll be watching this movie outside of your apartment at Upper Ivy or waiting for it to stream.

The Batman

You might’ve seen Robert Pattinson play a vampire throughout past years, but have you seen him play Batman? Batman is one of the new movies this year that you’ll probably want to see in the theater. This movie is definitely in our top 6 movies to watch in 2022.

This Warner Brother’s production explores the well-known warzone of Gothom City. Watch the reimagined Batman battle the newest evils of the city as the vigilante detective and multimillionaire that he is. Here is the action-packed trailer.

The Unbreakable Boy

best places to live in culver cityIf you’re looking for a movie to lift your spirits, you’ve found the right one. This inspiring story is in theaters in March of 2022. The Unbreakable Boy tells the story of a young boy with autism and brittle bones disease. Even though it might seem like the boy, Austin, has some challenges ahead, he makes the most out of his very trying situation.

His spirit and unbreakable life-affirming worldview, hence the title, inspires his father when he needs it the most. Watch this movie in a theater near your apartment in culver city at Upper Ivy next month.

The Lost City

luxury apartments in culver city for rent Who doesn’t love a good adventure novel? This movie, although not a novel, is centered around the fictional novel written by Sandra Bullock’s character. Her latest novel details a journey through the lost city to find treasure and features her husband as well.

While on tour promoting this book, she’s kidnapped by someone hoping to find that so-called lost treasure and calls upon her skills to find it. Watch this movie’s twists and turns to find out how she gets herself out of this situation and back to life outside of her novels. This movie is out in April of 2022.


best apartments in culver city for rent | Upper Ivy Although fictional movies are what we know and love, one of the movies coming out this year happens to be nonfiction. You’ve probably grown up hearing his music, and know his familiar face. This movie, Elvis, explores his life through the eyes of his manager. Rekindle the pop phenomenon’s story by heading to the theater to watch this production.

This film stars some other familiar faces like Tom Hanks and Austin Butler as Elvis himself. Make Elvis’ favorite snack in your modern kitchen at Upper Ivy before you head out to see the movie. It’s a peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich! Don’t knock it till you try it.


Whether you enjoy an at-home movie night at your apartment in Culver City or head to your favorite theater, we hope you enjoy the new movies coming out this year. Our top 6 movies to watch in 2022 don’t begin to cover all of the great movies you’ll get a chance to see throughout the coming months.

What are the best movies this year that you’re looking forward to seeing? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram @upperivy. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!